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2009: Lost Memories Full Movie (2002)

2009: Lost Memories Full Movie (2002)

2009: Lost Memories 2002 is a South Korean sci/fi-action film directed by Lee Si-myung. Starring Jang Dong-gun and Toru Nakamura 

2009: Lost Memories Plot

The Korean Peninsula (Chosun) was still under Imperial Japanese rule and Japanese Bureau of investigation agents Masayuki Sakamoto and Shojiro Saigo baffled a hostage crisis at a museum in Keijo by a terrorist group known as the Hureisenjin in 2009. The motivation for the hostage situation is unknown. Later, Sakamoto discovers a museum artifact, a crescent-shaped rock known as the “Lunar Soul”, found by one of the slain terrorists. Sakamoto found out during the investigation that the Hureisenjin has a long history of targeting the Inoue Foundation, a group founded around the artifacts collected by the second Governor-General of Korea, Sakamoto suspects the Hureisenjin were attempting to steal the Lunar Soul, although both he and Saigo are puzzled as to why a terrorist group would put so much effort into stealing historical artifacts. The two JBI’s cross paths while the terrorists successfully have the artifact in their hands. Sakamoto and Saigo in a gunfight, where Sakamoto encounters Oh Hye-rin, the organization’s leader.

Sakamoto is determined to solve the case. He starts questioning and accusations against the influential Inoue Foundation leads to him being thrown off the case, with the execution of Sakamoto’s father as a traitor for aiding in a thwarted attack by the Hurisenjin on a cargo ship in Vladivostok in 1985 being cited by his suspicious superiors. He proceeds the investigation secretly, traveling to Harbin to learn more about the Lunar Soul, and is then suspended from the JBI. That night, an unknown assailant murders Sakamoto’s mentor, Takahashi, at his apartment and he is arrested for the crime. Sakamoto, however, escapes from the JBI with the help of Saigo, who vows to be his enemy the next time they meet.

Knowing about the altered history, Sakamoto allies with the Hureisenjin. On the day of their final attack, the JBI raid their hideout and kill almost everyone. Fortunately, carrying the Lunar Soul with them, Sakamoto and Hye-rin escape to a tanker ship where the Inoue Foundation’s artifacts are being held, they find the temple stone and place the Lunar Soul in it which it activates. Sakamoto sends himself to Harbin in 1909, he, himself witness the event of the assassination and toked part in it. 

2009: Lost Memories Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jang Dong-gun, Toru Nakamura, Seo Jin-ho, Miki Yoshimura, Shin Goo, Ken Mitsuishi, Shohei Imamura, Kim Min-sun, Ahn Gin-gang, Cheon Ho-jin

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