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3 Iron Full Movie (2004)

3 Iron Full Movie (2004)

3 Iron 2004 is a South Korean romancedrama film directed by Kim Ki-duk. Starring Lee Seung-yeon and Jae Hee

3 Iron Plot

A drifters young man Tae-suk who uses to drive around his motorbike, taping flyers on front doors is his scheme. He would know if the house is vacant if the flyers have not been removed, that’s the time for him to break the house. He stays in the house while the owners are away, he never steals any of the house’s belongings instead he will mend broken appliances, washing their clothes, taking selfies and then quietly leave the place.

When he breaks one large home, he doesn’t notice that he’s being watched by Sun-hwa, an abusive housewife and former model. Tae-suk leaves the house after making eye contact with Sun-hwa, but then he returns, only to find out that Sun-hwa’s husband Min-gyu is abusing her. He had Min-gyu’s attention by practicing golf in the backyard. He buffets Min-gyu with golf balls and then leaves with Sun-hwa.

Tae-suk and Sun-hwa begin a silent relationship, moving from one apartment to another. the two seem satisfied with their lives. They later enter an apartment where they discover the dead body of an elderly man and give him a proper burial. The following day, the elderly man’s son and daughter-in-law arrive at the apartment, and assume that Tae-suk and Sun-hwa killed him. Tae-suk and Sun-hwa are apprehended and interrogated by police, but remain silent. Min-gyu takes Sun-hwa home, and bribes the policeman in charge of the investigation to allow him to strike Tae-suk with golf balls. Tae-suk and Sun-hwa got separated, and inside the jail, Tae-suk develops his gifts for stealth and concealment. Even Min-gyu, fooled by Tae-suk’s trick, unseen and secretly the romance between him and Sun-hwa continues.        

3 Iron Cast

Actors Actresses: Lee Seung-yeon, Jae Hee, Kwon Hyuk-ho, Lee Joo-suk, Choi Jeong-ho, Park Jee-ah, Lee Mi-suk 

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