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4th Period Mystery Full Movie (2009)

4th Period Mystery Full Movie (2009)

4th Period Mystery 2009 is a South Korean mystery- thriller film directed by Lee Sang-yong. Starring Yoo Seung-ho and Kang So-ra.

4th Period Mystery Plot

High school students Jung-hoon  and Tae-gyu are good in the class (verbally and physically), they are close rivals. But  compared to Jung-hoon, Tae-gyu is always second, next to Jung-hoon the reason why Tae-gyu tries his best to defeat Jung-hoon. They are known enemies amongst the students. One afternoon, the two rivals quarreled inside the classroom, Jung-hoon threatens Tae-gyu with a knife that was witnessed by another student. After the beginning of 4th period class Tae-gyu was found dead by Jung-hoon. Multiple stabs and still in shock, Jung-hoon picks up the bloody knife near the desk just as Da-jung shows up, catching him in a most incriminating position. Fortunately for him, she not only believes his innocence, but offers to help him to solve the mystery and catch the real killer. They have 40 minutes to solve the case before the rest of the class will return. The two set out in search of the murderer but later the murderer is now after them as well.      

4th Period Mystery Cast

Actors / Actresses: Yoo Seung-ho, Kang So-ra, Im Soo-hyang, Seo-yong Jeong, Kim Dong-beom, Jeon Joo-hong, Lee Young-jin, Lee Chan-ho, Park Chul-min, Min Kyung-jin, Jo Yoon-hee, Jo Sang geon, Sung Hyuk, Kim Young-woong, Jung Young-ki.    

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