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60 Days Of Summer Full Movie (2018)

60 Days Of Summer Full Movie (2018)

60 Days Of Summer 2018 is a South Korean drama film directed by Kim Hee-young. Starring Jang Gwang and Yeon Joon-seok

60 Days Of Summer Plot

In his 70’s, Dong-il is still the coolest, can cook, spend happy days with his girlfriends, he surely knows how to enjoy life being alone. One day a crisis strikes when a young and immature Jae-hoon shows up claiming that he is his grandson. Naughty Jae-hoon tries to convince Dong-il to let him stay as his fathers instructed him while abroad and remarry. Dong-il refuses at first but nevertheless he gives a little consideration to Jae-hoon. The two having trouble adjusting their differences, Don-il is very strict while his grandson Jae-hoon is very dependent.

When crimes against the elderly are committed, the two pair up to get to the bottom of the mystery grandpa Dong-il and grandson Jae Hoon are in dismal when crime happens against the elderly in the village. Dong-il hopes nothing happens to him but he becomes a target too. Jae Hoon sets out to his grandpa Dong-il.

60 Days Of Summer Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jang Gwang, Yeon Joon-seok, Ahn Seung-gyun, Shim Eun-woo, Jun Sung-ae

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