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A Moment To Remember Full Movie (2004)

A Moment To Remember Full Movie (2004)

A Moment To Remember 2004 is a South Korean romancedrama film directed by John H. Lee. Starring Son Ye-jin and Jung Woo-sung 

A Moment To Remember Plot

Their first accidental meeting was at the store and followed at the construction site where Su-jin accompanied her father who is the CEO of a construction firm. Once more, Su-jin meets Chul-soo, a tall, handsome foreman who is studying to become an architect with whom she has a slight misunderstanding. Su-jin, a 27-year-old fashion designer, was rejected by her lover, a colleague who was also a married man. Su-jin instantly takes a liking to Chul-soo and actively courts him. There are many sweet events that take place in the occurrence of their courtship, eventually leading to their marriage.

The two eventually settled into married life. They live as a happy couple, with Chul-soo designing their dream house and Su-jin learning to become a housewife. As time passes, however, Su-jin begins to display forgetfulness, and it becomes serious that they need to seek medical help. Su-jin is diagnosed to have an early- onset of Alzheimer’s disease. It becomes heavily burdened by the knowledge that she will forget her husband. Nevertheless, they make the commitment to stay together and as the disease progresses, the trials the couple goes through increase because of Su-jin’s deteriorating memory. Finally, Su-jin makes the decision to leave their home. But Chul-soo never gave up searching for her missing wife, despite his grief, Chul-soo remains at Su-jin’s side even when she doesn’t remember him.

A Moment To Remember Cast

Actors / Actresses: Son Ye-jin, Jung Woo-sung, Baek Jong-hak, Lee Seon-jin, Park Sang-gyu, Kim Hee-ryeong, Seon Ji-hyun, Kim Bu-seon, Hyun Young, Oh Kwang-rok

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