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Battlefield Heroes Full Movie (2011)

Battlefield Heroes Full Movie (2011)

Battlefield Heroes 2011 is a South Korean warcomedy film directed by Lee Joon-ik. Starring Jun Ji-young, Lee Moon-sik and Ryu Seong-ryung

Battlefield Heroes Plot

King Kim Beob- min is the King of a small Southern Korean state of Silla and makes a deal with China’s Tang’s Dynasty to have combined forces to make a war against the larger northern Korean state of Goguryeo. The conditions involve Silla to give back the Korean state of Baekje. They march towards Pyongyang Castle, where Goguryeo’s powerful military dictator Yeon Gaesomun dies and hand over the command to his second son Yeon Nam- geon. The eldest son Yeon Nam- saeng gets jealous and starts to disobey the order coming from Yeon Nam- geon and afterward he becomes his number one enemy.  

Battlefield Cast

Actor / Actresses: Jun Ji-young, Lee Moon-sik, Ryu Seong-ryung, Yoon Je-moon, Lee Kwang-soo, Lee Won-jong, Sunwoo Sun, Kang Ha-neul  

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