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Beautiful Full Movie (2008)

Beautiful Full Movie (2008)

Beautiful 2008 is a South Korean drama film directed by Juhn Jai-hong. Starring Cha Soo-yeon and Lee Chun-hee

Beautiful Plot

Young and beautiful Eun-yeong attracts all kinds of men and makes other women jealous. Eun-yeong unaware that she has been followed by a stalker and raped her. The stalker partly put the blame on Eun-yeong, he can’t refuse her beauty and it ends by owning her forcefully. Eun-yeong was traumatized by the incident. She tries to destroy her beauty, attempting to become obese, and when that fails by making herself unattractively thin. Her beauty does start to fade, she becomes alarmed and tries to regain it by wearing gaudy makeup and revealing clothes, her behavior increasingly destructive and unstable. A policeman, Eun-Cheol, watches her all throughout with pity and sympathy, but eventually, he too submits to his lustful desires.

Beautiful Cast

Actors / Actresses: Cha Soo-yeon, Lee Chun-hee, Choi Moo-sung, Kim Min-soo, Lee Min, Bae Yong-geun, Kim Seon-bin, Kim Beom-jun  

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