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Blind Full Movie (2011)

Blind Full Movie (2011)

Blind 2011 is a South Korean thrillercrime film directed by Ahn Sang-hoon. Starring Kim Ha-neul and Yoo Seung-ho

Blind Plot

Three years have passed, Min Soo-ah lost her eyesight and ended her career as a policewoman. She used to be a promising cadet at the police academy but after a horrific car accident that killed her surrogate brother Dong-hyun. At that moment another case of a missing person involving a female university student and the victim in a hit and run case appears to be related. Detectives look for a witness.

One night, Soo-ah was picked up by a taxi cab driver, she felt something was not quite right. While inside the cab, having chit-chat by the taxi driver, being blind she can only depend on her senses and so Soo-ah can tell what kind of men she encounters. Almost falling by the hand of a perpetrator, Soo-ah made her way to the police station and reported the incident. Initially, Detective Jo doesn’t take Soo-ah’s claims seriously because she is blind, but when Soo-ah displays her acute senses, the detective starts to believe her.

Detective Jo and Soo-ah then work together to find the taxi cab driver, but all their leads turn out empty.  Another witness showed up, Kwon Gi-seob. Gi-seob is a motorcycle delivery boy who claims to have also witnessed the hit and run incident. Gi-seob emphatically states that the car in question was not a taxi cab, but rather an imported sedan.

Followed by the suspect, Gi-seob’s life is narrowed and so is Soo-ah, that’s when Myung-jin (the killer) found out that Soo-ah already reported the case that is connected to him.     

Blind Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Ha-neul, Yoo Seung-ho, Jo Hee-bong, Park Bo-gum, Kim Mi-kyung, Yang Young-jo, Choi Phillip 

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