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Blood Rain Full Movie (2005)

Blood Rain Full Movie (2005)

Blood Rain 2005 is a South Korean mysterycrimethriller film directed by Kim Dae- seung. Starring Cha Seung-won, and Park Yong-woo 

Blood Rain Plot

Commissioner Won-kyu and his group are heading to Dongwa Island to investigate the killings of some locals living on the island. The people are much worried about the way the murderer killed the victims, it is sadistic and methodical.

Upon digging the case, Won-kyu traces the countless hidden secrets back to an incident that happened seven years ago. Back then, the former owner of the mill and all the members of his family were accused and executed for practicing Catholicism which is considered treason in the Joseon Kingdom. Without any hesitation the former owner of the mill was sentenced to death in front of the public, the dying man cursed the people who chose to keep silent upon these matters.

Since then, the locals were afraid that ghosts were the reason behind all the bad luck and all the killings that happened on the island. To make the bad omen stop, they practice having a ritual and believing the shamans’ demands. 

The situation drives Commissioner Won-kyu to catch the real culprit and he did find the truth when he came face to face with the murderer. 

Blood Rain Cast

Actors / Actresses: Cha Seung-won, Park Yong-woo, Ji Sung, Yoon Si-ah, Choi Ji-na, Oh Hyun- kyung, Choi Jong-won, Chun Ho-jin 

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