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Casa Amor Full Movie (2015)

Casa Amor Full Movie (2015)

Casa Amor 2015 is a South Korean comedy film directed by Jung Bum-shik. Starring Jo Yeo-jeong, Clara and Kim Tae-woo

Casa Amor Plot

A successful marketing executive at a toy company, beautiful and hardworking Bo-hee makes an irreversible mistake that gets her fired from her job. She picked up a wrong package for her presentation to promote a new product to the toy company. The package was for her neighbor and out of her anger she confronted Nan-hee, the owner of the package. Their first meeting wasn’t quite good and so they patched things up and the two became friends. 

Nan-hee is a business woman, she runs a small sex toy store and is going to shotdown. In the process, Bo-hee extends her help to her new friend, she offers Nan-hee to continue with the business as the two will be partners. They named the store Casa Amor, with Bo-hee skills in marketing the business became successful but the relationship of Bo-hee with her husband and their child was affected.

Casa Amor Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jo Yeo-jeong, Clara, Kim Tae-woo, Kim Bo-yeon, Ra Mi-ran, Bae Sung-woo, Kim Young-ok, Oh Na-ra, Kim Gi-cheon, Kim Ha-yoo

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