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Castaway On The Moon Full Movie (2009)

Castaway On The Moon Full Movie (2009)

Castaway On The Moon 2009 is a South Korean romanticcomedydrama film directed by Lee Hae-jun. Starring Jung Jae-young and Jung Ryeo-won

Castaway On The Moon Plot

Kim Seong- geun is deeply in debt and his life has become hopeless. He jumps off a bridge and washes up on the shore of Bamseom. He tries to swim back to the city but he can’t swim. The next morning a ferry boat passes by but nobody wants to help him. Seong- geun was trapped on the island. While at the island, Seong- geun starts realizing how to handle problems, be content in a thing he had now (big or small, trash or not) as long as it could help, and most of all, he tastes the feeling of being free. Slowly, Seong- geun embraces the life he had, and to leave the island is not his option anymore. 

Across the island is the overlooking City. A lonely lady (Kim Jung- yeon) is living in an apartment with her family directly in front of Seong- geun’s location. Jung- yeon witnesses everything about Seong- geun’s existence on the isolated island using her camera. She felt pity for Seong- geun and so she found a way to communicate with him. At night she made her way up to the bridge just above the island and threw an empty bottle with a letter inside intending for Seong- geun. And as for Seong- geun, he also made an effort to reply to Jung- yeon’s messages through writing on the sand.

Both were happy and content with the way their friendship started but due to circumstances, Seong- geun forcefully pulled out on the island by some group of men who were doing a clearing/ cleaning operation after the typhoon hit Korea. Both were fighting not to let go, and both were hoping that they formally met each other.    

Castaway On The Moon Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jung Jae-young, Jung Ryeo-won, Park Young- seo, Koo Kyo-hwan, Jang So- yeon, Yang Mi- kyung, Min Kyung-jin

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