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Children Full Movie (2011)

Children Full Movie (2011)

Children 2011 is a South Korean thrillercrime film directed by Lee Kyoo-man. Starring Park Yong-woo, and Ryu Seung-ryong

Children Plot

March 26, 1991, was a day off school, since it’s a day of a local election, five boys set off to the nearby mountain and never returned. Their parents made a report at the police station and demanded an investigation about their missing children immediately but the authorities are more concerned about guarding the election polls. Days later, thousands of police were dispatched to the mountain to search for clues as to what may have happened but nothing turns up. The parents take their pleas for the boys’ return to the airways where their story captures the heart, mind, and sometimes imagination of the nation. Various theories such as the involvement of North Korean spies and alien abduction come up.

1996, five years after the tragedy happened, a career-driven documentary maker, Kang Ji-seung is transferred to the said small town. To make a comeback to the spotlight, he then decides to investigate the case of the missing children. He teams up with an equally ambitious professor Hwang Woo-hyuk who hopes to make a name for himself by solving the crime where police failed. The professor’s theory, which seems to have quite a bit of compelling evidence behind it, takes the pair in a direction that the police were reluctant to investigate. The professor suspects Jung-ho’s parents (one of the missing boys), that they may know more than they have been letting on after reviewing the telephone recording of someone claiming to be Jung-ho. The professor convinces the authorities to dig up the boy’s home after gathering information directly from Jung-ho’s family that seems to be suspicious and all they wanted is a thorough investigation on Jung-ho’s house to prove professor Woo-hyuk theory is right. 

Children Cast

Actors / Actresses: Park Yong-woo, Ryu Seung-ryong, Sung Dong-il, Sung Ji-ru, Kim Yeo-jin, Joo Jin-mo, Park Byung-eun, Kim Gu-taek, Park Mi-hyun, Lee Sang-hee, Seo Ju-hee 

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