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Chunhyang Full Movie (2000)

Chunhyang Full Movie (2000)

Chunhyang 2000 is a South Korean romance-musical film directed by Im Kwon-taek. Starring Cho Seung-woo and Lee Hyo-jeong

Chunhyang Plot

A traditional Korean form of storytelling that seeks to narrate through a song called pansori. It is based on Chunhyangga, a traditional Korean folktale and is set in 18th century Korea.

Lee Mongryong, falls in love and marries a beautiful girl Chunhyang Sung, the daughter of a courtesan. Their marriage is kept a secret from the governor who would immediately disown Lee if he found that his son married beneath him. The governor was transferred to Seoul and Mongryong is forced to leave his young wife behind, promising to come back for her when he passes the official exam.

After Mongryong leaves Namwon where he meets Chunhyang, a new governor, Byun Hakdo, comes and wants Chunhyang for himself. But Chunhyang strongly refuses, stating that she already has a husband and will forever remain faithful to her beloved, the governor punishes her by flogging. Meanwhile, Lee passes the test with the highest score and becomes an officer. Three years have passed and Lee Mongryong returns to the town on the King’s mission. He finds out that his wife is to be beaten to death on the governor’s birthday as a punishment for disobeying his lust. The governor, very corrupted and greedy, is arrested by Mongryong. The two lovers are finally united.

Chunhyang Cast

Actors / Actresses: Cho Seung-woo, Lee Hyo-jeong, Sung-nyu Kim, Hak Young-kim, Lee Hye-eun, Jung-hun Lee, Choi Jin-young  

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