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Circle Of Atonement Full Movie (2015

Circle Of Atonement Full Movie (2015

Circle Of Atonement 2015 is a South Korean mystery- drama film directed by Park Yeon-gyeong and Dong-ha Lee. Starring Sung Dong-il, Kim Yoo-jung and Son Ho-jun

Circle Of Atonement Plot

Revealing the truth behind Kang Yoo-sin’s tragic death 10 years ago, Nam Cheol-woo, the person who misses her so much, is seeking the killer’s daughter. Only Lee Jang-hyun’s (killer’s daughter) life can compensate for the death of Yoo-sin. But Detective Lee Sang-won is there to stop Cheol-woo and protect Jang-hyun even if it endangers his life and might lose Jang-hyun away from him forever. 

The judgement day has come when the three finally met. Each one will decide which thing to is either forgiveness or to kill.    

Circle of Atonement Cast

Actors / Actresses: Sung Dong-il, Kim Yoo-jung, Son Ho-jun, Seo Yea-ji, Nam II-woo, Lee Kyung-jin, Lim Hyung- jun, Lee Eun-jeong, Choe- Yu-ri

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