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Close My Eyes Full Movie (2017)

Close My Eyes Full Movie (2017)

Close My Eyes 2017 is a South Korean crime, romancethriller film directed by Kim Sol-mae. Starring Baro and Seol In-ah

Close My Eyes Plot

Another night, another victim of serial killing. The killer is just around the corner waiting for the next prey to come, this time, the victim is an adult woman. The killer brutally killed the victim. The next morning, it is an ordinary day for Kim Hyeon-woo, a blind musician, who played a song inside a mall for a living. He had a good voice and looks that captured young girls’ hearts, Mi-rim is one of those. Just as he finished his song, a man sat beside him telling him that he killed a woman. Hyeon-woo felt a bit scared hearing the man’s story and seemed happy while talking about serious matters. The man somehow claims that he is a writer and making a novel about murder, assuring of what he had told to Hyeon-woo is all but a joke. As the man left, Mi-ri came and spread the news about the murder case and it somehow coincides with what the man just told Hyeon-woo.

Later that night, Mi-ri went home and saw her father was drunk. She decides to run away after she’s got horribly beaten up by her father. On her status, she has to provide for her tuition and apartment fees as her landowner annoys her for the rental fees. Mi-ri is struggling with her situation. Nowhere to go and so she barged in at Hyeon-woo’s apartment, just for the night. A night that changes Hyeon-woo’s life, Mi-ri makes him fall in love, a love that gives him the courage to face who he is. The night is still young, and so for the killer, it is a night to rejoice as he once again successfully meets his desire, the desire to kill weak people, those who are powerless and suffer for pain.     

Close My Eyes Cast

Actors / Actresses: Baro, Seol In-ah, Jeong-jin Jo, Lee Han-jong

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