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Confession Of Murder Full Movie (2012)

Confession Of Murder Full Movie (2012)

Confession Of Murder 2012 is a South Korean actionthriller film directed by Jung Byung-gil. Starring Jung Jae-young and Park Si-hoo. 

Confession Of Murder Plot

It all began that night for detective Choi Hyeong-goo couldn’t even imagine that his life will be entangled with the man whom he desire to break piece by piece, a man that is too vague for him to catch. For many years he became obsessed, with countless days of waiting for their next encounter is what he hopes for.

The day the statute of limitation is about to end, rendering prosecution impossible and Detective Choi is now an alcoholic, tortured by his failure to solve the case. A man shows up later, claiming responsibility for the killings 17 years ago. Lee Doo-seok manage to release a book titled “I Am the Murder” that alerted Choi. Not only because the book becomes a bestseller why people’s sympathy became favorable to the killer but because Lee is charming and claims repentance for his crimes. Lee’s action gives doubt to Detective Choi, he insists that Lee is a fake and taking advantage to become popular.

The case of a murderer who became a popular author caught the media’s attention. They set up a live debate between Lee and Detective Choi together with the family of the victims. Part of the show is to accept questions from the callers to be answered by Choi and Lee. One of the callers named “ J ” gives a remarkable statement saying that Lee is an imposter and challenges the gentlemen for another round of face-to-face debate with him to prove that he is the real murderer.       

Confession Of Murder Cast

Actors/ Actresses: Jung Jae-young, Park Si-hoo, Jeong Hae-gyoon, Kim Young-ae, Choi Won-young, Jo Eun-ji, Min Ji-ah, Lee Bong-ryun, Jang Gwang, Lee Jae-goo  

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