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Dad For Rent Full Movie (2014)

Dad For Rent Full Movie (2014)

Dad For Rent 2014 is a South Korean drama film directed by Kim Deok-soo. Starring Kim Sang- kyung, Moon Jeong-hee, and Choi Da-in.

Dad For Rent Plot

Although Tae-man graduated from Seoul National University and he is one of a kind student back then but now he couldn’t hide the truth that he is a lazy and immature father. For her daughter A-young, he is such a useless creature, a jobless one. So one day it came up to A-young’s mind that she will find a job for her father and that is a Dad for Rent. So many times that Tae-man refuses the idea of her daughter but somehow he started to find the job interesting. He knows how to understand the different emotions or feelings of their clients. Looking upon this kind of job in a positive way, he makes other people happy even if he is only a substitute father for them.        

Dad For Rent Cast

Actors / Actresses: Sang- kyung, Moon Jeong-hee, Choi Da-in, Chase Jung-an, Jo Jae- yun, Minah, Jo Hyun-do, Nam Bo-ra 

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