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Daddy Long Legs Full Movie (2005)

Daddy Long Legs Full Movie (2005)

Daddy Long Legs 2005 is a South Korean drama film directed by Gong Jeong-shik. Starring Ha Ji-won and Yeong Jung-hoon

Daddy Long Legs Plot

At a young age, Young-mi Cha took care of herself alone since her parents died too early. She receives assistance from a stranger who pays her tuition fees in the university and sends her gifts. She called her benefactor “Daddy Long Legs”.

She acquired her dream job as a writer in a radio station after completing her studies. It has been arranged for her to stay in a nice house for free that the owner vacated due to her health condition. She believes that all she has is because of “Daddy Long Legs”.

Young-mi receives an email from the owner of the house, the email was date-stamped to arrive at the house’s computer on that specific day, though it was written and sent a year earlier. Details a love story written by the unseen owner of the house, the writer confesses that she has secretly been in love with a guy since her school days. To be near to the man she loves, she worked hard to obtain a place in the same course at the institution he was studying in. But then she was diagnosed with a terminal disease that would cause her to lose her memory and then die.

Deeply touched by the story, Young-mi decides to air its contents via the national radio program to locate the young man with whom the owner of the house was in love.

On the other hand, Young-mi meets Kim Jun-ho, who works as a librarian in the radio station. They begin to fall in love while spending time together. Young-mi found out that Jun-ho is the love interest mentioned in the email. She decides to end their relationship, she also investigates her “Daddy-Long-Legs”, eventually learning that her current job and accommodations were the decisions of the radio station’s director. She confronts him, but it turns out that the director was only acting on behalf of his younger brother, her benefactor, her “Daddy Long Legs” no other than Jun-ho, who is also the writer of the email.  

Devastated by this news, yet she reconnects with Jun-ho and they spend as much time together before his illness relapses and he dies.

Daddy Long Legs Cast

Actors / Actresses: Ha Ji-won, Yeong Jung-hoon, Park Eun-hye, Hyun Bin, Shin Yi, Jeong Jun-ha, Geum Bo-ra, Oh Dae-gyu, Kim Jung-nan

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