How a Real Life Final Destination Looks Like


Driving is one of the most dangerous jobs and a minor mistake could lead to death is not a serious injury.

In this video, the semi-truck driver seems to forget that the traffic has stopped in front of him hitting the SUV and throwing it to another truck.

See the photos and the videos below and make sure that you keep your eyes a little bit far away as this contains some disturbing footage.

Although no death was reported, still this footage is one of the most disturbing I have ever seen.

Traffic looks normal above.

Something hit the SUV behind

SUV hit another truck on the left and the truck leaned to the car. The truck would have been turned upside down if not for the car. Now we see what hit the SUV – its a semi-truck!

The SUV is totally damaged as well as the right side of the truck.

People are getting out of their vehicles to help.

See the video below.

According to one of the Youtube’s commenters, the driver of the Semi Truck is in jail. And the driver of the SUV blazer is in serious health issue’s. And the family of the driver and passenger in the blazer is getting an attorney and sue the Semi Truck driver and also the company.

The truck driver was heavy medicated on energy pill’s to keep him awake. And also he bypassed the 10-hour curfew on his clock on his computer. Which means he was driving over the 10-hour limit.  And source thinks he drove over 15 hours.


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