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Detour Full Movie (2016)

Detour Full Movie (2016)

Detour 2016 is a South Korean dramacomedy film directed by Choe Hyo-jun. Starring Shin Ha-kyun, Park Hee-soon, and Oh Man-seok

Detour Plot

Evolving around the life of three men (Joong-pil, Soo-tak, and Eun-dong) who have been friends for a long time and now they are in their late 30’s. Joong-pil is still single and holds onto memories of his first love, he works as a section chief at a large company. Soo-tak is also single. He is consumed by the fact that the bar exam is soon set to go away entirely, he has studied for the bar exam for the past 14 years. Eun-Dong is the only one of the three friends who are married. He works as a news anchor and receives a warning signal about his health.

The three old friends reunite as soon they receive calls from their friend’s Sun-mi saying that Byeong-chul’s father is dead. Making a detour before getting to the funeral is what they did. They meet some people, unload each stress, have fun, and fall in love. Realizing that their friendship is still strong after some dramatic revelation of each one’s burden. Joong-pil, for being fired from his work and stuck on his first love, Soo-tak, for striving hard to pass the bar exam and love life, and Eun-dong, for having incurable liver cancer.     

Detour Cast

Actors / Actresses: Shin Ha-kyun, Park Hee-soon, Oh Man-seok, Yoo Da-in, Han Ye-won, Jo Seung-hee, Byun Joon-suk, Kim Ji-an, Jeon Bae-su, Cho Eun-suk

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