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Diary Of June Full Movie (2005)

Diary Of June Full Movie (2005)

Diary Of June 2005 is a South Korean dramathriller film directed by Im Kyeong-soo. Starring Shin Eun- kyung, Yunjin Kim, and Eric Mun

Diary Of June Plot

At the beginning of the story a boy has been chased by a killer in the middle of the rain, he got cornered at the bridge and the killer stabbed the boy multiple times with no mercy. The following day another boy jumped at the building and died thereafter.

Detective Chu Ja-young and her partner Kim Dong- wook handle the case of the two victims. Ja-young was not easily convinced by the theory that the two victims’ deaths were not connected and it’s just they died because they are psycho.

Ja-young received a call from the morgue, they found a piece of paper inside one of the victim’s body and it had a written letter “ June 13, Monday I killed Inmoo at the overpass”. That gives a lead Ja-young and Dong- wook to search the other victim and they also found a letter saying “June 15, killed Kangtae and made it look like suicide”

Ja-young and Dong- wook start digging Kangtae and Inmoo’s case at the school where the victims studied. They start getting students’ penmanship and examine each handwriting that will match to the one they found at Inmoo and Kangtae’s body but no one matched. They asked for some records of the students that had been transferred in from the other school and out to another school. This time they found the name of a student (Jinmoo) that had the same handwriting they were looking for. But sad to hear that Jinmoo died a month ago due to a car accident. The two detectives don’t stop looking for information and so they dig on Jinmoo’s record. 

The case has now focused on Jinmoo, they smell something about the kid that might help the two detectives move forward closer to the killer. What is more revealing is when Ja-young found out that the killer is her best friend and this time she had the last victim with her, the bystander that will complete the diary.

Diary Of June Cast

Actors / Actresses: Shin Eun- kyung, Yunjin Kim, Eric Mun, Yoon Joo-sang, Oh Jung- se, Maeng Se-chang, Jang Ki-bum, Kim Kkot-bi,  

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