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Enemies In- Law 2 Full Movie (2015)

Enemies In- Law 2 Full Movie (2015)

Enemies In- Law 2 (2015) is a South Korean actioncomedy film directed by Jin-yeong Kim. Starring Jin Se-yeon and Hong Jong-hyun

Enemies In-Law 2 Plot

Park Man-choon is a good father and police officer raising three daughters (Young-mi, Young-sook and Young-hee).  Man- choon’s dream is to see his three girls follow his path as a police officer, even the man they will marry off to. Man-choon’s obsession is to catch the most wanted thieves, Han Dal-sik and Jo Kang-ja and to materialize his plan, first he will go after Dal-sik and Kang-ja’s son Hong Jong-hyun. But as Man-choon’s expectation, Jong-hyun is also stubborn and will train.

Man-choon is now old, a few days left before his retirement but it seems that the desire to capture Dal-sik and Kang-ja is good for nothing. He couldn’t imagine  what he would become after his youngest daughter Young-hee fell to Jong-hyun and vice versa. But the more he gets involved in Young-hee and Jong-hyun’s affair, the more the two lovers follow what they feel.

The situation is getting rough when Dal-sik and Kang-ja appear and are also not in favor of Young-hee being their son’s girlfriend, it will be awkward having Man-choon to be part of the family.

Enemies In-Law 2 Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jin Se-yeon, Hong Jong-hyun, Kim Eung-soo, Park Eun-hye, Jeon Soo-kyung, Shin Jung-geun, Kim Do-yeon, Park Doo-shik,   

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