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Ghastly Full Movie (2011)

Ghastly Full Movie (2011)

Ghastly 2011 is a South Korean horrorthriller film directed by Ko Seok-jin. Starring Han Eun-jung and Lee Hyung-suk

Ghastly Plot

Jang-hwan receives a call stating that his brother and his in- law’s died in their home and their mom is missing, the police also aware Jang-hwan that Bin, his nephew, was the only one left and so the nearest family can adopt Bin is Jang-hwan. The next day, Jang-hwan moves to their ancestral house, he brings his wife Seo-ni and his sister in- law Yoo-rin.

Seo-ni is very receptive to Bin, maybe because she wanted to have her own for a long time. She acts as Bin’s mom, unlike Yoo-rin who is always skeptical and jealous even by Jang-hwan. First few days staying in the house, Seo-ni felt something creepy inside the house, she had nightmares, had visions about shaman and killings when she entered the stock room that looks like a ritual place. Meanwhile Yoo-rin also noticed something different about Bin but she kept it by herself because she knew her sister Seo-ni would only ignore if she told her. And yes, Seo-ni, blinded by her emotion towards Bin, she always considers and sides with the boy.

Blinded by Bin’s true color, one day, Seo-ni just woke up knowing that she and her whole family are Bin’s next victim.      

Ghastly Cast

Actors / Actresses: Han Eun-jung, Lee Hyung-suk, Park Sung-min, Hyo-min, Hwang Ji-hyun, Baek Soo-ryun, No Min-woo

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