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Handphone Full Movie (2009)

Handphone Full Movie (2009)

Handphone 2009 is a South Korean thrillercrime film directed by Kim Han-min. Starring Uhm Tae-woong and Park Yong-woo

Handphone Plot

Seung-min is a talent manager, and sees Yoon Jin-ah, a rising actress, as his one last hope to turn his life around. Everything went well, as Jin-ah is on the path to stardom if only not by Jin-ah’s former lover, Yoon-ho. Seung-min receives a threat from Yoon-ho and gets her sex clip on his phone. Seung-min tracks down the culprit and retrieves the tape but ends up losing his phone. He realizes there is one last evidence of the sex tape on his phone and anxiously looks for it. Yi-gyu, who found Seung-min’s phone, calls Seung-min’s wife and asks her to come pick it up. On the night the phone was supposed to be returned, Yi-gyu didn’t show up. Now Yi-gyu is the one holding the leverage. Seung-min tries to do everything possible to get back his phone but Yi-gyu’s demands are escalating to the point Seung-min is terribly exhausted.

Handphone Cast

Actors / Actresses: Uhm Tae-woong, Park Yong-woo, Park Sol-mi, Lee Se-na, Kim Nam-gil, Hwang Bo-yeon, Park Gil-su

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