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Haunters Full Movie (2010)

Haunters Full Movie (2010)

Haunters 2010 is a South Korean sci-fi-action film directed by Kim Min-suk. Starring Kang Dong-won and Go Soo

Haunters Plot

Heavy rains showered one afternoon, Choi-in’s mom held his hand tightly afraid that he might be left behind. Due to Choi-in’s health condition (cripple), always had to wear a blindfold to suppress his mind control ability, his mom sacrifices a lot to protect him.  As the two are abused by Cho-in’s father, he compels the man to commit suicide. Cho-in’s mother thereafter tries to murder her son, but Cho-in stops her and runs away. He grows up in contempt for society, making liberal use of his power to steal money from businesses and live in a hotel room.

While Kyu-nam is a hardworking guy, he works at a scrapyard along with his friends Bubba and Ali, he is hit by a car right before his birthday. For that, he loses his job and needs to find another one. Opportunity easily comes for him at Utopia, a pawn shop owned by Jung-sik, who is concerned about a mysterious loss of money. Kyu-nam befriends Jung-sik’s daughter, Yeong-sook. Kyu-nam invited Bubba and Ali to the pawnshop, introduced his friends to Jung-sik and Yeong-sook and while having fun, Choi-in arrived. Paralyzing everyone present and manipulating Jung-sik into giving him money. To Cho-in’s surprise, Kyu-nam resists his influence and attempts to stop him. Kyu-nam is stabbed in the back and electrocuted, while Jung-sik gets his head trapped between iron bars at the counter and suffocates. Jung-sik and Kyu-nam are taken to a hospital, where doctors are unable to save Jung-sik, but Kyu-nam recovers almost immediately.

That’s the first encounter of Kyu-nam and Choi-in. Blaming Cho-in for Jung-sik’s death, Kyu-nam resolves to bring the psychic to justice. Kyu-nam now chases Cho-in and as for Choi-in who also had the desire to kill Kyu-nam, for him Kyu-nam is his dangerous enemy.   

Haunters Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kang Dong-won, Go Soo, Jung Eun-chae, Choi Deok-moon, Yoon Da-gyeong, Enes Kaya, Abu Dod, Byun Hee-bong, Yang Kyeong-mo, Kim So-jin

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