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He Was Cool Full Movie (2004)

He Was Cool Full Movie (2004)

He Was Cool 2004 is a South Korean romancecomedy film directed by Lee Hwan-kyung. Starring Song Seung-heon and Jeong Da-bin

He Was Cool Plot

A cheerful high school student Han Ye-won, who is a sweet, clumsy, and warm girl, meets Ji Eun-sung, a student from a vocational school and a well-known bully. He is hot-tempered and rude but deep inside he longs to be loved. It all started with a message to which Ye-won replied to Eun-sung’s impolite message. Provoking Eun-sung, he begins haunting Ye-won, while the girl is scared to death hearing how bad Eun-sung is. Trying to run away from Eun-sung’s sight is really impossible since Ye-won accidentally kisses the boy and as a consequence, she must marry him.

He Was Cool Cast

Actors / Actresses: Song Seung-heon, Jeong Da-bin, Lee Ki-woo, Lee Min-hyuk, Ahn Hae-soo, Kim Ji-hye, Kim Yeong-hoon, Kim Bo-yeon, Jung Woo

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