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Hello Ghost Full Movie (2010)

Hello Ghost Full Movie (2010)

Hello Ghost 2010 is a South Korean comedydrama film directed by Kim Young-tak. Starring Cha Tae-hu, Kang Ye-won, and Jang Young-nam

Hello Ghost Plot

Sang-man finds his life meaningless, leaving all alone, and wanted to end his life by committing suicide in many ways (overdosing on pills, but fails, attempts to kill himself by jumping off a bridge and into a river, but is saved). He was brought to the hospital, Sang-man awakens and he eventually meets four ghosts. No one believes in his story and so he was discharged right after checking his health condition. Sang-man meets nurse Jung Yun-soo at the hospital and quickly falls in love with her. As Sang-man finds happiness and motivation, an awkward situation pulls him back to pursue his good intention to Yun-soo. The ghosts seemed to be stocked by his side. They are using his body to enter the world of the living to experience their unfulfilled desires. Sang-man tries to get rid of them, but ghosts haunt him everywhere he goes. Sang-man then attempts to help the ghosts fulfill their unrealized dreams to get them to leave him alone once and for all.

Hello Ghost Cast

Actors / Actresses: Cha Tae-hu, Kang Ye-won, Jang Young-nam, Lee Mun-su, Ko Chang-seok, Chun Bo-geun, Jeong Gyu-su, Ra Mi-ran

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