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Hero Full Movie (2010)

Hero Full Movie (2010)

Hero 2010 is a South Korean fantasythriller film directed by Kim Hong-ik. Starring Dong Ha, Han Jung-woo, and Han Ye-won

Hero Plot

At night, Yoo-ri becomes alive. In every corner, she patiently waits to strike her victim, by then, she can suck the victim’s blood. For 150-years, Yoo-ri survives being a vampire who lives amongst humans. A high school student, Dan accidentally witness a group of men dragged Yoo-ri on a dark street corner, tried to rape her. Dan followed them, trying to help Yoo-ri, but the lady attacked him as well. The following day, Dan wakes up, feeling confused about what just happened to him. He became sensitive to the sunlight, he became weak and dry. Although he feels sick, at the same time his body becomes strong and quickly responsive. His story goes on air on TV news all over the nation,    uses his psychic powers to help victims and weak people suffering from violence, people start to call him a ‘Hero’. Finally, Yoo-ri showed up, and the two joined forces against the dark forces.           

Hero Cast

Actors / Actresses: Dong Ha, Han Jung-woo, Han Ye-won, Lee Da-in, Son Ho-young, Kwak Min-ho

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