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He’s On Duty Full Movie (2010)

He’s On Duty Full Movie (2010)

He’s On Duty 2010 is a South Korean black- comedy film directed by Yook Sang-hyo. Starring Kim In-kwon, Kim Jung-tae, and Shin Hyun-bin

He’s On Duty Plot

Bang Tae-sik suffers his whole life for being unemployed, he drifts from one job to another, from manual labor to serving coffee. There are times that he blames himself due to the fact that he is short in height and dark skin, rather than atypical for a Korean. Thanks to Yong-cheol, his best buddy who induced Tae-sik to get used to these advantages. They formulate strange accents, wear ethnic hats and change Tae-siks name as Banga from Bhutan, and alas! He found a job immediately at a chair manufacturing company. 

At first, it was all hilarious. Tae-sik finds it hard to learn the job easily because of his clumsiness, and that makes him isolated from his co-workers. But he didn’t stop convincing other workers, he treated them to karaoke- eat chicken- save from the police who chased an illegal immigrant, and even started romancing the beautiful Jang-mi from Vietnam. He becomes president of a migrant workers labor union and competent Korean language instructor and joins in a harmonious effort to win a local singing competition for foreigners.

Tae-sik feels so happy and begins to truly attach with his co-workers but his loyalties are put to the test when Yong-cheol finds a way to swindle their money. 

He’s On Duty Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim In-kwon, Kim Jung-tae, Shin Hyun-bin, Khan Muhammad Asaduzzman, Nazarudin, Peter Holman, Eshonkoluv Parviz, Jeon Gook-hwan, Kim Kang-hee, Park Yeong-soo, Jung Tae-won 

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