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Into The Mirror Full Movie (2003)

Into The Mirror Full Movie (2003)

Into The Mirror 2003 is a South Korean horrormystery film directed by Sung Ho-kim. Starring Yoo Jae-tae, Kim Myung-min and Kim Hye-na

Into The Mirror Plot

After the death of his partner, Wu Young-min quit his job as a police officer and worked as head security at Dreampia Shopping Center which was owned by his uncle. Allegedly, the store has been full of controversies after a series of accidents and crimes happened which made the officer puzzled because it involves a supernatural and it tests his limits to solve the case. With his side is his old acquaintance, Ha Hyun-su, is in charge of the police investigation, the non-believer of a ghost, for him if there’s a crime there’s a criminal. The more clues they stumble on, the more strange and unnatural the truth becomes.

Into The Mirror Cast

Actors / Actresses: Yoo Jae-tae, Kim Myung-min, Kim Hye-na, Oh Jung-se, Jung Eun-pyo, Lee Young-jin, Ki Joo-bong, Myeong-su Kim, Park Jun-hyuk, Guk Seo-ki

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