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Justice High Full Movie (2020)

Justice High Full Movie (2020)

Justice High 2020 is a South Korean action– comedy film directed by Chae Yeojoon. Starring Jung Da-eun, Oh Seung-hoon and Son Woo-hyun

Justice High Plot

Chae-young’s first day in her new school after being expelled into another school for beating some bullies that she hated the most. Her father always warned her about her behavior but how could she ignore and not to fight back if she was surrounded by bullies?. Chae-young has just too much confidence because she has known karate since she was 5 years old, her father taught her well. 

As expected, she got into a fight once again. She couldn’t stand and watched her new classmate Jung-goo who’s at that time beaten by another student so badly. After the incident Jung-goo got the courage and begged Chae-young to help him karate, and so Chae-young introduced Jung-goo to her father. 

Chae-young and her father don’t expect that their karate club will become lively and garnered a new member little by little as Chae-young becomes famous amongst the students, some got encouraged to join the karate club to defend oneself.   

Justice High Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jung Da-eun, Oh Seung-hoon, Son Woo-hyun, Yoo Chae-on, Park Soo-eun, Son Tae-wook, Jung Eui-wook, Yoo Hyun-jong, Kim Tae-yoon 

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