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Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle Full Movie (2010)

Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle Full Movie (2010)

Le Grand Chef 2:Kimchi Battle (2010) is a South Korean drama film directed by Baek Dong-hoon. Starring Kim Jung-eun and Jin Goo

Le Grand Chef 2:Kimchi Battle Plot

Le Grand Chef 2 is about the kimchi war of all koreans best chefs. The story evolved to  Jang-eun and Seong Chan. Jang-eun is the legal daughter of Yeo-sang while Seong Chan is an adopted child, but they treat themselves as a real family. They owned a restaurant and served the finest and traditional way of making kimchi in town. Jang-eun and Seong Chan inherit their cooking skills from their mom. 

10 years passed, Jang-eun spent her time as a famous fusion chef in Japan and hides her broken heart with an unfeeling mask towards her mom. She always resented her mom being gisaeng and for keeping Chunyanggak Restaurant more than herself and her own daughter. She returned to her hometown to shut down the restaurant which her mom has run for years. Meanwhile, Seong Chan, her step-brother is an advocate of tradition and wants to keep the beloved restaurant. To save the restaurant, he makes a deal with Jang-eun, whoever wins the Kimchi Contest is the only one to decide whether to close or save the restaurant.      

Le Grand Chef 2:Kimchi Battle Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Jung-eun, Jin Goo, Wang Ji-hye, Choi Jong-won, Lee Bo-hee, Lee Byung-joon, Kim Young-ok, Park Gil-soo, Heo Hyeon-ho, Lee Kan-hee, Lee Seung-cheol,   

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