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Loner Full Movie (2008)

Loner Full Movie (2008)

Loner 2008 is a South Korean horrormystery film directed by Jae Shik-park. Starring Go Eun-ah and Yu-seok Jeong

Loner Plot

Soo-na is a high spirited, well provided and fearless young girl at her age seventeen, a contrast characteristic to her friend Lee Han-jeong who died after committing suicide due to public humiliation, prior to that, Han-jeong is always being bullied by her classmates and pushes her to steal goods from the store but unfortunately she get caught, after that she end her life.

Affected by this, Soo-na, her best friend becomes agoraphobic. Soo-na’s withdrawal from society affects her family. She refuses to see them and locks herself in her room, it gets worse with vermin starting to appear on her body. Her family starts hearing her talking all by herself and it makes them so worried. They tried to help Soo-na but the more they got involved the more rebellious she was. Soo-na’s sudden changes and rage to her family gets stronger due to the fact that she uncovered the secrets about her mother Song-i and uncle Se-jin’s relationship, her relation towards her known uncle and her granny’s contribution to the event.

The film goes thrilling when Soo-na is about to jump, luckily Se-jin catches her hand but only to realize that she is not Soo-na when she sees the girl’s face. More revealing story came out when Soo-na revealed all the stories about her mother who gave birth to her sister after their father Se-jin failed to fight his love for their mother Song-i instead he let his mom ruin their relationship. 

Loner Cast

Actors / Actresses: Go Eun-ah, Chase Min-seo, Jeong Yu-seok, Jeong Yeong-sook, Lim Dae-ho, Lee Da-in, Lee Yeon-soo, Lee Eun, Jeong Da-hye

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