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Lovely Rivals Full Movie (2004)

Lovely Rivals Full Movie (2004)

Lovely Rivals 2004 is a South Korean comedydrama film directed by Jang Kyu-sung. Starring Yum Jung-ah Lee Se-young and Lee Ji-hoon

Lovely Rivals Plot

It is a story of a teacher who is kind of harsh to her students and a girl who is seeking attention after her father has passed away.

Yeo Mi-ok is a grade 5 teacher who is strict and harsh to every student. No one amongst the students will dare to be friends with her because of her attitude. Until one day, a new student (Ko Mi- nam) came across her life. Mi- nam also has a strong personality, unlike her classmates, she is mature and full of confidence. She is the only student that can confront teacher Mi-ok. 

The rivalry between the two girls started when teacher Kwon Sang- choon appeared. Teacher Sang- choon is charming, kind above all handsome, the reason why teacher Mi-ok got attracted the time she met Sang- choon. But it seemed everybody at the school got attracted to teacher Sang- choon looks, and one of those is Mi- nam. The only thing that Mi- nam has to get close to teacher Sang-choon’s first compared to anyone is her sincerity and straightforward attitude. The reason why teacher Mi-ok has to use effective tactics to win Sang- choon’s heart and fight against Mi- nam. 

Lovely Rivals Cast

Actors / Actresses: Yum Jung-ah Lee Se-young, Lee Ji-hoon, Byun Hee-bong, Lee Won-jong, Na Moon-hee, Choi Ran 

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