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Man Of Vendetta Full Movie (2010)

Man Of Vendetta Full Movie (2010)

Man Of Vendetta 2010 is a South Korean thrillercrime film directed by Woo Min-ho. Starring Kim Myung-min, Um Ki-joon, and Kim So-hyun

Man Of Vendetta Plot

“Did you ever think of me…and keep looking for me”?. A question asked from her daughter Hye-rin, perhaps an assurance word Hye-rin wanted to hear coming from her father and the answer is yes.

Young-soo is a loving father and once a Pastor who preached and devotedly gave his life to God. To serve his family and church is all he ever had. All these had long gone, since the day Hye-rin was kidnapped and impossible to find. Years passed, and Young-soo’s life has changed. He forgets his beliefs in God and instead has too many doubts if God does exist. His reputation became ruined and had a downfall relationship with his wife. He was tired of looking for their daughter Hye-rin, but his wife on the other hand never stopped searching.

One day, Min-kyung is hit by a car while chasing a man with a girl that she thinks is her daughter Hye-rin. Lying in bed at the hospital, Min-kyung is in a coma state. Financially deprived, the only thing that Young-soo’s had just to continue his wife’s recovery is Min-kyung insurance. But the kidnapper Choi Byeong-chul knows about it and once again makes a move to get ransom money from Hye-rin’s parents.

Eager to save his daughter, Young-soo chose to let go of his wife just to rescue their long-gone daughter.         

Man Of Vendetta Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Myung-min, Um Ki-joon, Kim So-hyun, Park Joo-mi, Lee Byung-joon, Oh Kwang-rok, Kim Eung-soo

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