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Maunday Thursday Full Movie (2006)

Maunday Thursday Full Movie (2006)

Maunday Thursday 2006 is a South Korean drama film directed by Song Hae-sung. Starring Gang Dong-won and Lee Na Young

Maunday Thursday Plot

Yu- jeong has again committed suicide, her worthless feeling towards her mother and difference from the rest of the world isolates her from any chance of happiness. Her aunt Sister Monica is a nun, and she often goes to the prison to visit death row inmates. Sister Monica meets a new death row inmate who asks if he could meet her niece. Yu- jeong cautiously agrees. Yu- jeong comes from a wealthy family and is a professor at a university. Yet, she has never known happiness since the age of 15 as a result of a sexual assault at the hands of her cousin. 

The inmate that she meets, named Yun-soo, had an even more traumatic childhood experience. He was abandoned by his parents at an early age and has to live on the streets with his younger brother. He gets convicted for murder. Both had the same disparate backgrounds but yet they were still able to connect with each other. 

For Yun-soo, Thursday is their happy time, since he and Yu- jeong became close. They managed to consolidate themselves, sharing each secret and without knowing that they were falling in love. 

Maunday Thursday Cast

Actors / Actresses: Gang Dong-won, Lee Na-young, Youn Yuh- jung, Jang Hyun-sung, Jeong Yeong-suk, Se Dong- kim, Kang Shin-il, Oh Kwang-rok

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