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Midnight FM Full Movie (2010)

Midnight FM Full Movie (2010)

Midnight FM 2010 is a South Korean thrillermystery film directed by Kim Sang-man. Starring Soo Ae, Yoo Ji-tae and Ma Dong-seok

Midnight FM Plot

A midnight DJ and television announcer is a big asset for a company, an idol to many listeners, a smart and strong kind of woman, that’s how to describe Sun-young. Her voice is like an angel that catches everyone’s attention, making film analysis with selected songs from the associated soundtracks is what she does to awaken her listener’s mind. Tonight, she is preparing to air her program as her last night on the show. Sun-young decides to take a break and go abroad with her deaf daughter Eun-soo. On her last day of work, Sun-young’s sister Ah-young babysits Eun-soo in her apartment. Going back to the studio, the taxi cab she took was hit by a car that suddenly appeared in front of them. Seon-yeong’s temper blew out and so did her bad attitude burst, another thing that irritates her the most is seeing Deok-tae. A mentally handicapped but not likely to cause harm. He is an avid fan of Seon-yeong who always comes and visits her on the station. Seon-yeong in exchange dislikes Deo-tae, for her, he is a psychopath that pestered her day.

The Midnight FM shows get started, all of a sudden, Seong-yeong’s interrupt by the unknown caller using her sister’s phone number. The caller is Han Dong-soo, one of Seong-yeong’s followers. Seong-yeong’s midnight shows became ruined the moment she knew Dong-soo’s intention. It seems that Seong-yeong’s farewell turned into a disaster by the hand of a real psychopath.  

Midnight FM Cast

Actors / Actresses: Soo Ae, Yoo Ji-tae, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Man-sik, Kim Min-kyu, Choi Song-hyun, Shin Da-eun, Lee Joon-ha, Kwak Do-won, Uhm Tae-gu

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