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Miracle In Cell No.7 Full Movie (2013)

Miracle In Cell No.7 Full Movie (2013)

Miracle In Cell No.7 (2013) is a South Korean dramacomedy film directed by Lee Hwan-kyung. Starring Ryu Seung-ryong and Kal So-won

Miracle In Cell No.7 Plot

Reinvestigating the case of her late father Lee Yong-gu for the crime he didn’t commit is all lawyer Ye-sung wanted. To correct the wrong accusation and verdict to her father is the very reason why she pushed herself to be a lawyer.

Gathering the thoughts of her father as Ye-sung presented her testimony is what she did first. It all began in the year 1996, back then when she was only 6 years old. Yong-gu (her father who is mentally disabled), had been wanting to buy a Sailor Moon backpack for her. However, the police commissioner and his daughter purchase it before Yong-gu could and beats him when trying to get it back.

Yong-gu and the police commissioner’s daughter meet again. He follows the little girl heading to another store selling the same backpack but dies in an accident after slipping on wet pavement and a brick dropping on her head. Yong-gu is arrested for rape and murder after he, as he tries to the help child, is seemingly seen as sexual assault.

Yong-gu is sent to prison, where he shares a jail cell with five other inmates. One day, Yong-gu saves the life of his cellmate and prison gang leader, So Yang-ho, from being stabbed. In return by helping Yang-ho, Yong-gu wishes to see his daughter Ye-sung. The five inmates successfully bring Ye-sung inside the jail and make the miracle happen. But they got busted by the warden, Ye-sung and Yong-gu got separated again. The warden knows that Yong-gu was not the assailant of the girl (after Yong-gu saved him and another inmate from an attempted arson), he then secretly allows Ye-sung to visit Yong-gu every day after school.

Yong-gu was trained by room 7 inmates on how to answer the prosecution’s potential question and he earnestly trained and became proficient in answering the question posed by his inmate roommates before the trial. Unfortunately, the commissioner calls and beats Yong-gu before the day, threatening to kill his daughter if he does not confess. 

Miracle In Cell No.7 Cast

Actors / Actresses: Ryu Seung-ryong, Kal So-won, Park Shin-hye, Oh Dal-su, Jung Jin-young, Park Won-sang, Kim Jung-tae, Jung Man-sik, Kim Ki-cheon, Jo Jae-yoon 

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