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Miss Conspirator Full Movie (2012)

Miss Conspirator Full Movie (2012)

Miss Conspirator 2012 is a South Korean actioncomedy film directed by Park Cheol-kwan. Starring Go Hyun-jung and Yoo Hae-jin

Miss Conspirator Plot

A fearful, geeky cartoonist with constant panic attacks and a debilitating phobia of all forms of social interaction is what Chun Soo-ru turned out after a big tragedy happened to her and her mom. She only has her sister to rely on, but her sister decides to leave the country. As her sister has just departed, Soo-ro suddenly suffers another panic attack. A nun suddenly showed up and helped her take her medication. Later, the nun asks Soo-ro to deliver flowers and a cake to a man that the nun confesses she loves.

Soo-ro, persuaded by the nun, she at once agrees to make the delivery and goes to the hotel room where the man is staying. She walks into the hotel room to drop off the delivery but is shocked to see a man, stabbed to death. Soo-ro is about to leave the room when a Red Shoes comes, she manages to hide and hears Red Shoes was talking to his boss on the phone. When Red Shoes left, another three men entered the hotel room. Again, Soo-ro is able to hide and make a quick escape.

Soo-ro is now wanted by the police and two of the biggest crime syndicates. The cops believe she is part of a drug-dealing operation worth 42 million dollars and the two gangs want to get back the drugs that were supposed to be delivered in the cake box by Miss Go (the nun she met at the terminal). But now, Soo-ro gets mixed up in a drug deal involving one of the biggest organized crime groups in Korea and is forced to deal with her phobia and interact with others as she runs from the police. A good thing that happened to her messy life is that she has Red Shoes, the man she depends on, her protector, and her love. 

Miss Conspirator Cast

Actors / Actresses: Go Hyun-jung, Yoo Hae-jin, Sung Dong-il, Lee Moon-sik, Go Chang-seok, Park Shin-yang, Jin Kyung, Ha Hae-sook, Lee Won-jong, Kim Byung-chul 

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