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Miss Gold Digger Full Movie (2007)

Miss Gold Digger Full Movie (2007)

Miss Gold Digger 2007 is a South Korean romanticcomedy film directed by Park Yong-jib. Starring Han Ye-seul and Lee Jong-hyeok

Miss Gold Digger Plot

Shin Mi-soo is smart, beautiful, and an ambitious woman. She is enjoying her life having three men she can easily manipulate. Undecided which one to choose, she continues to play hard to get at the same time control herself not to fall by them. This made her bold yet separate her feelings to what love is really like. Until one day, she just woke up having her dreams messed up. The men show their true colors when they find out how they’ve been manipulated by Mi-soo. Thanks to Dong- Min who helped her out with her personal problem and made her realize what a horrible person she is, the fact that they hated each other since the day they became neighbors.   

Miss Gold Digger Cast

Actors / Actresses: Han Ye-seul, Lee Jong-hyeok, Kwon Oh-joong, Kim In-kwon, Son Hoyoung, Kang Rae-yeon, Cheon Ho-jin, Jeong Da-yeong, Im Ye-jin

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