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Monopoly Full Movie (2006)

Monopoly Full Movie (2006)

Monopoly 2006 is a South Korean thrilleraction film directed by Lee Hang-bae. Starring Yang Dong-geun, Kim Sung-su, and Yoon Ji-min

Monopoly Plot

Inside the police station, Kyung-ho and Elly are under investigation of the crime they committed. Kyung-ho is a genius computer programmer who manages the online networks of all banks in Korea while Elly is the girlfriend of John (their leader). At first, both refuse to give their statement until the NSI uses the technique of hypnotizing Kyung-ho.

The NSI starts the operation the moment Kyung-ho gives his story. One day, he accidentally runs into an attractive businessman named John. He is then invited by John to the luxurious world of high society together with Elly and soon discovers his hidden desires. As Kyung-ho finds out about the secret project John is working on, John suggests Kyung-ho join him in a mission which is to illegally withdraw small amounts of money from all the bank accounts across Korea by using Kyung-ho’s genius computer programming skill. With absolute trust in John, Kyung-ho finally joins this huge con game. Focusing on every statement coming out from Kyung-ho, the NSI operatives had a hard time tailoring all sides of stories Kyung-ho and Elly had created.    

Monopoly Cast

Actors / Actresses: Yang Dong-geun, Kim Sung-su, Yoon Ji-min, Jung Sung-mo, Lim Jong-yun, Kim Hyeong-Beom, Seo Jin-wook, Lee In-sung, Nam Myung-ryul 

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