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More Than Blue Full Movie (2009)

More Than Blue Full Movie (2009)

More Than Blue 2009 is a South Korean romancedrama film directed by Won Tae-teon. Starring Kwon Sang-woo and Lee Bo-young

More Than Blue Plot

The story of Kang Chul-gyu (a music producer) and Cream (songwriter) catches the attention of Mr. Im and Seung-chul, as they listen to the song titled “No One Else Like Thee”. Trying to catch Cream and Kang is hopeless, instead, they just listen to the story of late Kang and Cream as the two have already been dead, and their story goes this way.

The two first meet each other in high school and both are orphans. Kang was abandoned by his mother after his father died of cancer which nevertheless left him with enough money, while Cream lost her entire family in a car accident. The two become close friends and share a home. Cream’s biggest fear is to be left alone, while Kang keeps the fact that he has terminal cancer a secret, instead, he urges her to marry a kind and healthy man. When Cream announces that she is in love with affluent doctor Joo-hwan, Kang is left heartbroken but is satisfied that she has met her ideal partner.

Kang’s belief that Cream has really found someone she loves, he asked Joo-hwan’s fiance to break up with him. Later, after the two soulmates had each their own way, it was revealed that Cream first learned about Kang’s illness when she discovered through his belongings a pain medication for terminal cancer patients. By then, Cream started to fulfill all the things that made Kang happy. Knowing that her friend is dying, she faked falling in love with Joo-hwan, in order to appease Kang. But in the end, Cream apologizes to Joo-hwan for cheating him and finds Kang and lives with him till he dies. Joo-hwan then visits their grave, implying Cream committed suicide after Kang’s death.

More Than Blue Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kwon Sang-woo, Lee Bo-young, Lee Beom-soo, Jung Ae-yeon, Lee Han-wi, Shin Hyun-tak, Jung Joon-ho, Lee Seung-cheol, Nam Gyu-ri

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