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Musa The Ultimate Warrior Full Movie (2001)

Musa The Ultimate Warrior Full Movie (2001)

Musa The Ultimate Warrior  is a 2001 Korean history, action- drama film directed by Kim Sung- su and produced by Cha Seung- jae and Shang Xia. Starring in this movie are Jung Woo- sung, Ahn Sung- ki, Joo Jin- mo and Zhang Ziyi. A Korean peace delegation  fought against Mongolian warriors as they crossed the deserts of Northern China on their way back to korea.

It is the biggest motion picture in the history of South Korean cinema. The production of  its budget was the largest ever for a Korean film. It hits a high level of historical accuracy in period costumery, props, settings, and most unusually, language. The film garnered the 8th highest grossing film of 2001.

Musa The Ultimate Warrior Plot

In 1375,a group of diplomats from North Korea were arrested for being a spy and accused for the death of a Chinese diplomat in Goryeo while on their mission to meet the Hongwu Emperor of Ming China. Chained while crossing the desert, a group of Mongolian warriors attacked and killed the Chinese soldier and unfortunately killed some Koreans in the process and other Koreans left to die in the middle of the desert. The head of the Korean soldier  General Choi- Jung led the command since the two diplomats are dead. After knowing that the Mongols kidnapped the Hongwu Emperor’s daughter they decided to rescue the princess and so the adventure begin.

Musa Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jung Woo- sung, Ahn Sung- ki, Joo Jin- mo and Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi

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