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My Brilliant Life Full Movie (2014)

My Brilliant Life Full Movie (2014)

My Brilliant Life 2014 is a South Korean drama film directed by E J-yong. Starring Kang Dong-won, Song Hye-kyo and Jo Sung-mok

My Brilliant Life Plot

Ah-reum is 16 years old, a young boy who never experienced going to school, but his brilliant mind made a story for his parents as a gift the moment he turns eighteen. A story of his father Dae-soo (clumsy and immature) and (beautiful but full-mouthed mother) Mi-ra, both were seventeen years old when Mi-ra got pregnant by Ah-reum. They were rejected by their family hearing that Mi-ra is pregnant, and so the Dae-soo decides to run away and take care of Mi-ra. The moment Mi-ra gave birth to Ah-reum, he was diagnosed with the extremely rare genetic disorder progeria, which makes its recipient age prematurely and rapidly. Now, Ah-reum is sixteen, but his body is that of an eighty-year-old man.

The family accepts the fact that he may not live to see his 18th birthday. Dae-soo and Mi-ra struggle to raise money for Ah-reum’s hospital expenses and accept the reality that their son will not be with them much longer. To cover costs, Dae-soo takes up work as a taxi-driver and Mi-ra works at a laundry. Hearing the story of Ah-reum, a television crew searches out the family to make a documentary program about Ah-reum and his condition. After the documentary is screened, Ah-reum begins to receive emails from another child who is sick, a young girl whose messages comfort him and provide hope as he tries to recount the love story of his parents as his final gift to them.    

My Brilliant Life Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kang Dong-won, Song Hye-kyo, Jo Sung-mok, Baek Il-seob, Heo Joon-seok, Chae Seo-jin, Kim So-jin

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