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My First Client Full Movie (2019)

My First Client Full Movie (2019)

My First Client 2019 is a South Korean drama film directed by Jang Gyu-seong. Starring Yoo Sun, Lee Dong-hwi and Choi Myung-Bin

My First Client Plot

Ten year old Da-bin takes care of his brother Min-joon since their mom died, their father married Ji-sook who will handle the two kids. Da-bin and Min-joo welcome their stepmom and are very happy to have her.

Meanwhile, Jung-yeop tries to find his luck as a lawyer for a law firm in Seoul. But it’s not so easy for him as he came from a smaller city. While waiting for his luck, he began to work at a child welfare in his hometown. One day, he and his co-worker went to a police station to meet Da-bin who reported to the police that her stepmom Ji-Sook choked her around her neck, but there isn’t anything Jung-Yeon is able to do.

Hopeless yet Da-bin and Min-joon keep on visiting the welfare center and befriend Jung-seop. And as to fulfill his job, Jung-seop makes an effort and time with the two kids. He is aware that the children are abused by their stepmom but he is powerless to do anything about it.

So sudden but Jung-seop was very excited to hear the news from Seoul that he has been hired by a law firm. Without hesitation, he heads off to Seoul and starts to work. Da-bin and Min-joon are still hoping that Jung-seop will come back. As things got worse for the two kids by Ji-sook’s hand, Da-bin tried to call Jung-seop many times yet Jung-seop ignored it. Not until he receives a call that Da-bin has killed his younger brother Min-joon.      

My First Client Cast

Actors / Actresses: Yoo Sun, Lee Dong-hwi, Choi Myung-Bin, Lee Joo-won, Won Hyun-joon, Ko Su-hee, Seo Jung-yeon, Lee Ro-woon

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