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My Mighty Princess Full Movie (2008)

My Mighty Princess Full Movie (2008)

My Mighty Princess 2008 is a South Korean actionromance film directed by Kwak Jae-yong. Starring Shin Min-a, On Joo-wan and Yoo Gun

My Mighty Princess Plot

Lively and pretty young college student, Kang So-hwi joins a martial artist. She gains superhuman strength and supernatural agility that drive others away from her. Jun-mo catches her attention, the boy she loves. She gave up studying martial arts and joined an ice hockey club where Jun-mo plays. She tries to get his attention, and Jun-mo ends up unwillingly riding with her on his motorbike.

So-hwi’s fighting skills diminish, leading her father to urge her to practice. He wants her to learn her mother’s magic sword powers. So-hwi refuses. Her father reaches out to Ilyoung, the son of his friend, and asks him to convince So-hwi to continue martial arts in return for buying him an expensive motorcycle. Ilyoung is her lifelong friend and trained alongside her as a child. The two were the best of child martial artists so that only So-hwi can beat him. At that time, the villain Heuk-bong tries to steal the sword named Green Destiny, which can do the moon-stroke. Both So-hwi and Ilyoung attempt to protect that sword but Heuk-bong hits So-hwi and she falls off the cliff. Ilyoung jumps after her and takes her to the hospital where she recovers but loses her memories of the incident.

So-hwi’s father and his friends ask for a fight with Heuk-bong. On the day of the fight, So-hwi’s father is shocked to see that Heuk-bong is Ilyoung. Ilyoung injures So-hwi’s father with the sword. Hearing all the stories, So-hwi trains herself using her mother’s sword to create a lightning stroke, the fighting technique that defeats Heuk-bong and now she will use it against her best friend Ilyoung. 

My Mighty Princess Cast

Actors / Actresses: Starring Shin Min-a, On Joo-wan, Yoo Gun, Im Ye-jin, Choi Je-seong, Lee Dae-geun, Kim Hyung-il, Dion Lam, Jeong Ho-bin

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