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My Wife Is A Gangster-1 Full Movie (2001)

My Wife Is A Gangster-1 Full Movie (2001)

My Wife Is A Gangster-1 (2001) is a South Korean actioncomedy film directed by Jo Jin-kyu. Starring Shin Eun- kyung and Park Sang- myun

My Wife Is A Gangster-1 Plot

After a long year of waiting, Cha Eun-jin has finally found her sister Yu-jin. Their meeting is not quite well, because Yu-jin’s health is deteriorating. Yu-jin’s dying wish for Eun-jin is to find a man to marry and have a child that can carry their name at least before she dies. Because of her love for her sister, Eun-jin fulfills Yu-jin’s wish even though it’s against her will. 

Because she loves her sister, Eun-jin fulfills Yu-jin’s wishes even if it’s against her will. Eun-jin married Kang Su-il, a responsible and caring husband that expects his wife to love and respect their marriage in return. What more he could ask for from Eun-jin?. He was being tormented by Eun-jin’s arm, she is not the typical woman Kang Su-il dreamed of. What will you look like if your wife is a gangster?

Eun-jin spent her whole life not just as a lowly gangster, her signature as second hand from a local organization won’t be that easy to achieve if not for her fighting skills and being a good boss to her men. She wishes to quit the group but she knows that won’t be easy… because she is a good mentor.

My Wife Is A Gangster-1 Cast

Actors / Actresses: Shin Eun- kyung, Park Sang- myun, Jang Se-jin, Choi Min-soo, Eun- ju Choi, Kim In- kwon, Ahn Jae-mo, Lee Eung- kyung, Yeon Jung-hoon

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