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My Wife Is A Gangster-2 Full Movie (2003)

My Wife Is A Gangster-2 Full Movie (2003)

My Wife Is A Gangster-2 (2003) is a South Korean action-comedy film directed by Jeon Heung-sun. Starring Eun kyung-shin, Jang Se-jin and Park Jun-gyu.

My Wife Is A Gangster-2 Plot

The Scissors Gang and White Shark ultimate rivalry is back on the scene. With more action and laughter this movie could bring to the audience.

The tight competition between two bosses ( Cha Eun-jin leader from Scissors Gang) and (White Shark Gang) continues but this time Eun-jin and her gang were almost disbanded due to Eun-jin’s defeat, where she got amnesia after falling from the building. Her men get demoralized for her disappearance.

Eun-jin was adopted by Yun Jae-cheol, an owner of a small restaurant in a rural area outside Seoul. Jae-cheol admire’s Eun-jin’s skills, she’s fast (in slicing, doing errands inside and outside the restaurant, delivers food right on time) in short, Eun-jin is a big help for Jae-cheol business. 

Trying to get back her memory, Eun-jin did stupid things that might help her recover. She tried electrocuted, exposing herself to lightning, hypnotizing and drinking concocted herbs with a snake on it. But all doesn’t work.

Eun-jin and White Shark were destined for each other. White Shark was again operating his business in the area where Eun-jin leaves. He buys properties and converts them to a mall. He found Eun-jin first before Eun-jin loyal men arrived at the place. The next scene for Eun-jin and White Shark reunion becomes bloody and the winner takes it all. 

My Wife Is A Gangster-2 Cast

Actors / Actresses: Eun kyung-shin, Jang Se-jin, Park Jun-gyu, Zhang Ziyi, Eun-ju Choi, Joo Hyun, Jo Mi-ryung, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Lee Won-jong

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