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Nightmare Full Movie (2000)

Nightmare Full Movie (2000)

Nightmare 2000 is a South Korean horrorthriller film directed by Ahn Byeong-ki. Starring Ha Ji-won and Kim Gyuri

Nightmare Plot

Thunder slashing throughout that night, the night when Eun-ju’s body was lying inside the morgue. The embalmer checked and stitched her eyes since it was still wide open, then lifted as soon as it was done. Inside the cold and darkroom, Eun-ju’s eyes open once again.

The next scene shows Hye-jin having a conversation with Seon-ae who just arrived from the U.S. Hye-jin noticed Seon-ae seemed bothered, she supposed that Seon-ae was tired from her trip. But Seon-ae expresses a sign of anxiety and it worsens, she is talking about Eun-ju going to kill her. Hye-jin just ignores Seo-ae, she knows that Eun-ji is dead. Witnessed with her two eyes, she saw how Eun-ju’s body smashed the car when she jumped off the building. But Seon-ae is persistent that Eun-ji is alive and haunting her, this gives concern to Hye-jin, so she gathers all the members of the club called “ A FEW GOOD MEN ” naming Jeong-ok, Hyun-jun, Se-hun, Mi-ryeong, Seon-ae, including her and Eun-ju (the new member but unfortunately got suicide). All have the same theory, that Seon-ae is a drug addict, under medication, and even sent to a psychiatric ward while staying in the U.S and now she is a runaway.

Those theories they try to believe about Seon-ae’s insane are only to cover their fear, knowing that before Eun-ju died Seon-ae exposed Eun-ju’s secret a way back. As she continues her story, people believe that Eun-ju’s existence brings curses to anyone, they blame her for the huge accident that happened in a village, everyone on the bus died but only Eun-ju was found alive, afraid of her, no one dared to bring out the issue. (That was the only part of the scene Hye-jin heard of, she confronted Eun-ju feeling that she betrayed her, asking not to see her anymore and left the group).

Now there’s three of them left, as the leader, Jeong-ok never stops formulating a plan and instilling in Hye-jin’s mind that Seon-ae was all behind the tragedy. Going back to her house, Hye-jin being blinded by the revelations found by the videotape in Seon-ae’s bag, she watches the video and cries a lot. The tape contains the whole scene of how Eun-ju died. 

Nightmare Cast

Actor Actresses: Ha Ji-won, Kim Gyuri, Choi Jung-yoon, Yoo Jun-sang, Yoo Ji-tae, Jeong Jun, Hye- yeong Jo

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