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No Mercy Full Movie (2019)

No Mercy Full Movie (2019)

No Mercy 2019 is a South Korean actionthriller film directed by Im Gyeong- taek. Starring Lee Si-young and Park Se-wan.

No Mercy Plot

In-ae is a tough woman, she works as a bodyguard. She witnessed her disabled sister Eun- hye being raped by a politician. She has to go to prison for a year and a half by stabbing the rapist. When she comes out of prison, In-ae discovers that her sister Eun- hye is regularly bullied at school, exploited, and raped by various people. As of In-ae, she tries to protect Eun- hye. But the worst thing happened one day when Eun- hye was being abducted by a gangster who wants to sell her after raping her. In-ae worries when her sister fails to come home.  She goes to the police, they decline to take action, saying it’s too early. Disparate and worried for Eun- hye, In-ae decides to make a move to find her missing sister.

No mercy for those who touched her sister, as In-ae takes full action, she makes sure she heard the enemy’s bone-cracking and never leave it breathing.  

No Mercy Cast

Actors / Actresses: Lee Si-young, Park Se-wan, Lee Joon-hyuk, Kim Won- hae, Choi Jin-ho, Lee Hyung- chul

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